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Reliable Debt Collectors

Turn to The Cardinal Firm for help with debt collections. We work with both individuals and law firms to resolve issues with debt. Our services are done on a case-by-case basis and aim to ensure both parties are satisfied.

Calculating a Payment Plan

Debt Collection Process

We have 10 talented people on staff who handle debt collections. One of them will contact an individual to try to settle the debt and keep it out of the court. We will set up a payment plan to help them pay off the debt every month at a reasonable rate. This will be included in a contract with our firm.

If the individual is unable to pay and breaks the contract, we will do an investigation and report our findings to an attorney who will determine if the individual has any assets. If not, the attorney will file a lawsuit.

We have a close working relationship with Experian Credit Bureau. For the individual's benefit, we will update their payments as they occur every 30 days to prevent them from having civil judgments or a bad credit report.