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Investigative Background Checks

Get the information you need about an individual to resolve a debt collection. The Cardinal Firm helps creditors, law firms, and others receive the money they are owed by individuals.

Background checks are performed on a case-by-case basis. We perform many typical background investigations, but also provide many other types of checks. Our investigations include:

Three Employees Looking Over Information

Finding Out about an Individual's Whereabouts: We find out where an individual is currently living and provide their address to an attorney.

Determining If an Individual Is Gainfully Employed: We determine if an individual is employed in order to file a lawsuit to garnish their wages.

Determining If an Individual Is a Risk: We perform a civil background check to see if an individual has been sued, has filed for bankruptcy, or has debt from gambling.

Learning More about Potential Job Candidates: We perform an employment background check to learn more about an individual's driving, criminal, and other records.